In Season: Green Beans


Green beans, when prepared correctly, can be unspeakably delicious. One of my favorite ways of eating them is Chinese dry frying, where the skins become slightly wrinkly and golden and infused with plenty of garlic, salt, and oil, perhaps with some heat and a smattering of pork for flavor.

Unfortunately, the grayish canned variety—served as an excuse for a vegetable in elementary school cafeterias—are worlds away from the sweetness and crunch of a freshly-picked green bean. No wonder kids don't like eating their veggies if they come in this form. Fresh or not, however, it'd be wise to keep them from discovering the magic of green bean tempura too early.

Green beans are a great source of vitamin K and C. When buying them, it's best to purchase a batch from the farmer's market so you can sort and pick crisp beans that have vibrant coloring without rotting or bruising. Store in the crisper, and try one of the recipes below to enjoy.

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