33 Ice Cream Recipes to Chill With This Summer

Here are 33 of our ice cream recipes, from classic vanilla and gelato to vegan varieties and frozen custards.

A parfait glass holding three scoops of cajeta ice cream with a small jar of cajeta in the background.
Vicky Wasik

Making ice cream might seem a little intimidating, but once you have the necessary equipment it's not only easy, but incredibly fun. Making ice cream is a great way to exercise your creative muscles—once you've mastered the technique, your imagination is just about the only limit. Classics like vanilla, chocolate, and mint chip are awesome, but how about flavors made with smoked cream, rum and lime, or even cheddar cheese? To start your own ice cream adventure check out our Ice Cream page, then dive into our 33 favorite recipes for conventional (and not-so-conventional!) ice cream, gelatos, creamy coconut-based vegan varieties, and dense Midwestern frozen custard.

Traditional Ice Cream

Meyer Lemon Ice Cream

Meyer lemon ice cream
Vicky Wasik

This ice cream is essentially a lemon meringue pie in frozen form: rich, creamy, tart, with the orange-like sweetness of fresh Meyer lemons along with their mellow acidity. The higher proportion of Meyer lemon zest and juice means that the cream won't weigh down that bright lemon flavor.

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Fresh Pineapple Ice Cream

fresh and light pineapple ice cream
Vicky Wasik

This ice cream, made from fresh pineapple purée, is as refreshing and bright as a sorbet, but it also happens to be super creamy. And while there's nothing wrong with enjoying it in all its pineapple-y complexity, if you use your pineapple trimmings to make a pineapple syrup, you can combine the two in a glass and top with club soda for an ice cream float like no other.

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Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream

Toasted-oat ice cream with brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and pecans
Vicky Wasik

Everything you like about oatmeal cookies, distilled, condensed, and made better and churned up into scoopable form. A brown sugar base gets infused with toasted oats, a fragrant cinnamon stick and a vanilla bean, and then gets churned up with toasted oat clusters, toasted pecans, and chewy and tart dried cherries.

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Black Sesame Ice Cream

A small glass bowl holding two scoops of black sesame ice cream.
Vicky Wasik

As ice creams go, this is about as dark as you're going to get. Made with Japanese black sesame paste, it has a unique and rich and super nutty flavor; if you like peanut butter ice cream, you'll love this one. You will have to seek out the Japanese stuff, like Kuki black sesame paste, which you can find online; American black sesame paste, which is made from raw, un-roasted black sesame seeds, is a little too astringent and doesn't have a robust enough flavor.

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Oreo Ice Cream

A small dish of Oreo ice cream with a homemade Oreo-style cookie on the side.
Vicky Wasik

Cookies and cream? We can do better. And we did! This ice cream incorporates crushed Oreo cookies, either ones from the store or ones made from scratch), into the ice cream base, and then crushed up sandwich cookies get churned into the mix right at the end. The only thing you could do to top it would be stuff this Oreo ice cream into a sandwich made with Oreo-stuffed cookies.

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Homemade Speculoos Ice Cream

homemade speculoos ice cream
Vicky Wasik

What's better than eating Biscoff and ice cream? Eating homemade Biscoff with homemade Biscoff ice cream! We crush up the spiced cookies and dissolve them in the ice cream base, which ensures a silky-smooth result. The intriguing caramel flavor makes it perfect for pairing with apple pie.

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Smoked Muscovado Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream

A small dish of smoked muscovado sugar ice cream.
Vicky Wasik

I've always been partial to vanilla ice cream, but I understand why people tend to think it's boring. This ice cream is anything but, thanks to dark, molasses-infused muscovado sugar and smoked cream. We smoke the cream almost like a piece of meat, but set it in an ice bath so it doesn't cook.

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Scotch Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

A bowl holding three scoops of scotch vanilla ice cream.
Max Falkowitz

We go with a different sort of smokiness for this grown-up vanilla ice cream variation: Scotch. Adding a shot of whisky (preferably a Highland Scotch like Glenlivet 12) to the base before churning gives the ice cream a subtle maltiness and brings out the vanilla's floral, almost honey-like flavors.

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The Darkest Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

A scoop of darkest dark chocolate ice cream with cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and chocolate disks in the background.
Vicky Wasik

For a chocolate ice cream to draw me away from vanilla, it needs to be seriously chocolatey. Forget about mild milk chocolate—I'm looking for something more intense. This recipe delivers with plenty of high-quality dark bar chocolate and cocoa powder. What really sets the ice cream apart is that we steep bitter cocoa nibs into the base to fortify the chocolate's edgier side.

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Bold and Bracing Coffee Ice Cream

A scoop of bold and bracing coffee ice cream.
Vicky Wasik

Keeping with the bold and bitter flavors, this ice cream is perfect for those of you who like your coffee black. We give the ice cream its intensity by steeping five tablespoons of medium-grind coffee into a base that has just enough butterfat to be creamy, but not so much as to dull the coffee's bite.

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Milky and Mild Coffee Ice Cream

A dish holding three scoop of milky and mild coffee ice cream.
Vicky Wasik

We're equal-opportunity coffee lovers here, and there's nothing wrong with wanting milk and sugar in your cup. This recipe plays to coffee's milder side by using just two tablespoons of ground beans and steeping them in a base higher in butterfat. This should still taste like coffee, though, so go (relatively) easy on the sugar.

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The Best Mint Chip Ice Cream

A dish of mint chip ice cream garnished with a mint leaf.
Vicky Wasik

I don't hate the mint extract that flavors classic mint chip ice cream—it certainly packs a ton of minty flavor. The problem is that the flavor you get from the extract is pretty one-note. Our updated recipe is flavored with fresh mint leaves, which give the ice cream a more subtly complex, grassy flavor.

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Smoked Honey Mint Chip Ice Cream

A dish of Smoked Honey Mint Chip Ice Cream.
Vicky Wasik

This mint chip variation also uses fresh mint leaves, which we steep into the same smoked cream from our smoked muscavado vanilla. We also mix in a quarter cup of honey, which has a deep sweetness that ties together the bright mint and rich smoked cream. For the chips, we go with dark chocolate, which is chopped fine and chilled before being added.

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Rocky Road Ice Cream

A waffle cone holding a scoop of homemade rocky road ice cream.
Robyn Lee

At Serious Eats we like our chunky ice cream extra chunky, so the typical almonds and marshmallows in rocky road just aren't enough. To up the chunk factor we supplement the traditional mix-ins with chopped white chocolate and toasted hazelnuts. The ice cream itself is just milk chocolate, which is mild enough to let the other flavors shine.

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The Best Strawberry Ice Cream

A small parfait glass holding a scoop of strawberry ice cream.
Vicky Wasik

Have you ever taken a bite of strawberry ice cream and found it to be incredibly icy? The problem is that the berries are full of water, which is the enemy of good ice cream. We combat the iciness by adding corn syrup to the base. For the best flavor we use small, super ripe strawberries and leave them uncooked.

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Peanut Butter Honey Ice Cream

A tray of peanut butter honey ice cream. A scoop of ice cream is being rolled out.
Robyn Lee

The best ice cream bases are high in fat, protein, and sugar, and peanut butter delivers on all counts. We use it here to make an incredibly smooth and creamy ice cream flavored with floral wildflower honey. Be careful what honey you use—you want something assertive, but the darkest varieties will be overpowering.

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Browned Butter Pecan Ice Cream

A small parfait glass of browned butter pecan ice cream.
Vicky Wasik

Butter pecan ice cream should be more than just vanilla ice cream with nuts mixed in—we want the ice cream itself to taste like pecans. We accomplish that by steeping pecans directly into the base, and also by mixing in brown butter for even more nutty flavor. Make sure to use a fresh batch of nuts for mix-ins—the steeped ones lose most of their flavor to the base.

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Maple Walnut Ice Cream

A small dish of maple walnut ice cream.
Vicky Wasik

Our maple walnut ice cream uses the same technique as our butter pecan—we steep the nuts right into the base. Instead of sugar we sweeten the ice cream with dark maple syrup, which gives the dessert a complex, bittersweet edge.

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Dense, Chewy, and Rich New England-Style Ice Cream

A small dish of Dense, Chewy, and Rich New England-Style Ice Cream.
Vicky Wasik

If you've spent time in New England you're likely familiar with a type of ice cream that is dense and rich almost to the point of having a taffy-like texture. The pros make it by churning the ice cream slowly to get as little air as possible into it—if you're stuck with a single-speed home ice cream machine you can replicate the texture by using a base fortified with corn syrup and tons of protein and churning it until just set.

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Cheddar Ice Cream for Apple Pie

A slice of apple pie with a scoop of cheddar ice cream on top.
Vicky Wasik

Can't decide whether to eat your apple pie with a scoop of ice cream or a slice of cheese? Thanks to this recipe, which is made of an ice cream base with sharp cheddar melted in, you don't have to decide. I'll warn you that this tastes pretty weird on its own, but it works remarkably well on top of warm pie.

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Philadelphia-Style Ice Cream

30-Minute Philadelphia-Style Ice Cream

A cocktail glass holding two scoops of 30-Minute Philadelphia-Style Ice Cream.
Vicky Wasik

On the opposite end of the spectrum is Philadelphia-style ice cream, which is made with no eggs at all and churns up wonderfully light and fluffy. Leaving out the eggs makes the ice cream quick (no need to cook the base) and gives the finished product a purer dairy flavor.

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Creamy Cajeta Ice Cream

A parfait glass holding three scoops of creamy cajeta ice cream. A small jar of cajeta is in the background.
Vicky Wasik

Cajeta casera is a rich, caramelly sauce made with goat's milk—think of it as the most complex dulce de leche you've ever tasted. It's great spooned on top of ice cream, but here we make it into ice cream by mixing it with milk, heavy cream, and vanilla extract or rum. You might notice that there are no eggs in the recipe, which works because the cajeta has plenty of protein on its own.

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Blackberry Ice Cream

close up of blackberry ice cream
Vicky Wasik

When summer blackberries are in season, you don't really want to mess with their flavor, so an eggless ice cream is the best way to get them into a scoop. A pinch of cinnamon serves to accentuate their bright flavor and aroma, and a bit of lemon juice helps to cut through the cream

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Cherry Ice Cream

A dish holding cherry ice cream.
Vicky Wasik

Another example of letting the fruit's flavor shine by omitting eggs, this ice cream takes a bit of effort, but it is entirely worth it. Roasted the cherries with sugar intensifies their flavor (you can also roast them in a grill for a hint of smoke), and steeping the cream used in the base with the cherry pits doubles down on the cherry flavor. And while the ice cream is delicious, those cherry pits can be reused to make whipped cream, and the leftover, strained cherry pulp makes a wonderful jam.

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Fior di Latte Gelato

homemade fior di latte ice cream
Vicky Wasik

Fior di latte means "flower of milk," which is another way of saying "the best thing you can make with the best milk," which is another way of saying this gelato is amazing. Since the point of this frozen treat is to highlight the inherent qualities of the dairy you're using, it really does pay to purchase the best dairy you can find—you want it as fresh as possible, and preferably from a grass-fed cow. Keep in mind that the attention to quality also goes for straciatella gelato, which is, ideally, fior di latte gelato with the best chocolate you can find swirled in.

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Raspberry Ripple Goat's Milk Gelato

raspberry ripple goat's milk gelato being scooped out
Vicky Wasik

This gelato is a riff on fior di latte, but instead of a cow's milk, it uses goat's milk. Don't worry; goat's milk is fresh and sweet and has none of the musty funk that is so desirable in goat's cheese. It also has a slight nutty note, which complements the swirl of bright-tasting raspberry syrup quite nicely.

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Honey Semifreddo (Frozen Italian Dessert)

honey semifreddo with cherries and marcona almonds
Vicky Wasik

Okay so semifreddo is decidedly not gelato, but it is spiritually closer to gelato than any of the other frozen desserts in this list, so here it is. This recipe produces a classic semifreddo, but streamlines the process in that you just have to whip whole eggs, instead of whipping the yolks and whites separately before combining them. The simplicity of this treat means you'll want to seek out some nice local honey, preferably with some floral undertones, as the flavor of the honey really makes the dish. Garnish with some in-season fruit and some nuts and it's the perfect way to end a party or barbecue.

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Vegan Ice Cream

Vegan Mint Chip Ice Cream

Vegan Mint Chip Ice Cream
Vicky Wasik

Just like dairy-based ice cream, vegan ice cream needs lots of fat to churn up nice and creamy. One way to get that fat is from coconut—not just coconut milk, but coconut cream as well. Our basic coconut-based vegan ice cream can be flavored with chocolate or vanilla, but pairs especially well with mint.

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Vegan Salty Peanut Butter Ice Cream

A small dish of Vegan Salty Peanut Butter Ice Cream.
Vicky Wasik

I've already told you that peanut butter is a killer way to add body to ice cream, and it works just as well in vegan recipes as it does in dairy-based ones. Make sure to find a vegan "no-stir" variety, then mix in a good pinch of salt to balance out the sweetness.

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Vegan Coconut, Lime, and Rum Ice Cream

Vegan Coconut, Lime, and Rum Ice Cream
Vicky Wasik

While our last two recipes cover up the coconut with other flavors, this one goes all in on the tropical theme by complementing it with bright, citrusy lime zest and deep, molasses-tinged dark rum. Alcohol can keep ice cream from freezing properly, so don't add too much rum (save the rest for a cocktail).

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Frozen Custard

Soft and Rich Vanilla Frozen Custard

A dish of Soft and Rich Vanilla Frozen Custard with multi-colored sprinkles on top.
Robyn Lee

I'm a Wisconsin boy at heart, so my favorite frozen dairy treat is frozen custard, not ice cream. Like New England-style ice cream, dense, creamy frozen custard is made using machinery not available to home cooks. Fortunately, you can get pretty close with an ice cream base with lots of cream and eggs yolks.

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Soft and Rich Chocolate Frozen Custard

A bowl of Soft and Rich Chocolate Frozen Custard.
Robyn Lee

This recipe takes our same frozen custard base and adds Dutch-process cocoa powder. Along with the cream and eggs, a few tablespoons of corn syrup help give the dessert its signature richness. Frozen custard doesn't keep well—invite some friends over and polish this off within two hours of churning.

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No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream

A dish of No-Churn Vanilla Ice Cream with multi-colored sprinkles.
Vicky Wasik

With just five ingredients, this recipe produces an ice cream with a fresh dairy flavor and a classic supermarket-vanilla profile with no trace of that canned milk taste. One of the best parts about it is that it doesn't even require an ice cream machine.

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