Gallery: 15 Ice Cream and Sorbet Recipes That Are Perfect for Winter

  • Black Sesame Orange Ice Cream

    Dark and nutty, with almost savory flavors from toasted sesame oil alongside black sesame seeds. Orange zest lends brightness to this ice cream. Get the recipe »

    Beer Caramel Ice Cream

    Smoky caramel and the slightly hoppy flavor of a crisp pale ale: two great tastes that taste better together. Get the recipe »

    Scotch Vanilla Ice Cream

    Classic rich vanilla bean with just a lick of single malt Scotch. You'll have a hard time going back to plain vanilla after this. Get the recipe »

    Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

    Robyn Lee

    The bittersweet flavor of Vietnamese coffee and condensed milk captured in an especially creamy scoop. Get the recipe »

    Blood Orange Sherbet

    Pretty in pink with all the berry-tinged tartness that blood oranges have to offer. The perfect dessert for when you want the brightness of fruit sorbet and the richness of ice cream. Get the recipe »

    Kumquat Lemongrass Ice Cream

    Sharp, sour kumquats are in season right now, and they pair beautifully with musky-sweet lemongrass. Get the recipe »

    Maple Ice Cream

    Reach for the dark Grade B maple for this, and scoop it on top of some warm spice cake or a blondie square. Get the recipe »

    Rocky Road Ice Cream

    Robyn Lee

    Rocky road the way it should be: with lots and lots of chunks. Get the recipe »

    Better Than Snickers Ice Cream

    Peanuts, peanut butter, caramel swirl, and chocolate bits—all in a vanilla-tinged base that tastes a whole lot like Snickers nougat. This is how you can feel grown up but get away with eating candy. Get the recipe »

    Clementine Sorbet

    This tastes so much like a creamsicle that you'll wonder if it's really dairy-free. Yup, it is. Get the recipe »

    Malted Milk Chocolate Ice Cream

    Creamy and rich milk chocolate gets a jolt from malted milk powder and crunch from malted milk balls. An ice cream to bring out the kid in all of us. Get the recipe »

    Pecan Pie Ice Cream

    Pecan-flavored ice cream with a molasses-y swirl and nutty crunch. If you're feeling nostalgic for the recently-over holidays, this is a way to bring you right back. Get the recipe »

    Peanut Honey Ice Cream

    Robyn Lee

    A more sophisticated use for peanut butter—pairing it with a complex dark honey like chestnut. Get the recipe »

    Rich, Tart Lemon Sorbet

    A few basic ice cream maker's tricks will have you making the most lush lemon sorbet you've ever had. Get the recipe »

    Old Fashioned (Bourbon and Orange) Ice Cream

    Now is the time of year when we drink Old Fashioneds, but there's no reason to stop there. This ice cream takes all the flavors of the drink—bourbon, orange, and bitters—and turns them into a soft and pleasantly boozy dessert. Top with a maraschino cherry for the full Old Fashioned effect. Get the recipe »