Ibérico Ham: Crazy Good But Worth the Price?


Is Jamón Ibérico worth the price?

"It's the nuttiest, porkiest ham I've ever had."

Based on my weeklong Jamón Ibérico binge in Barcelona in March, this ham is well worth it. It's the nuttiest, porkiest ham I've ever had. And this ham is not even the best, most expensive Jamon Iberico there is. Jamon Iberico Bellotta, made from pigs fed only acorns, is even pricier.

Ask for a taste before you buy any ham this expensive. In fact, ask for a taste of the Jamón Ibérico and then ask for a taste of prosciutto di Parma. This kind of side-by-side tasting will give you some much-needed context for judging Jamón Ibérico. You may decide to stick to prosciutto, but at least you'll know. For lots more info about Jamón Ibérico (maybe more than you want to know), or if you want to buy some online for delivery visit Jamon.com.