Hungry Jack's Quad Stacker Sparks Outrage

Hungry Jack's Facebook group

Health experts in Australia aren't happy about the Quad Stacker, the new burger by Australia's Burger King equivalent Hungry Jack's made of "four beef patties, four slices of cheese, two rashers of bacon, barbecue sauce and two sugared buns." (The burger originally came out in Burger King in 2006.) Dietitians are calling Hungry Jack's irresponsible for marketing a burger that contains 1080 calories and 71 grams of fat and, as the article helpfully points out, doesn't even come with a salad. Because a salad would really help.

But as even bad publicity is still "good" publicity, people are curious to try the deathly burgers. Phil Han of National News Nine puts the burger to the test and initially likes it for its "great smoky flavor making it taste as if it came right off the barbie." 20 minutes after finishing the burger, the discomfort sets in: "I can't get rid of the greased feeling—there's a brick in my stomach."

At least it's not a 100 x 100 from In-N-Out.

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