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How To Brown Butter
How to Back-Slice Chives
How to Cut an Airline Chicken Breast
How to Batch Cocktails for a Crowd
Side angle view of Tahdig arrange on a mound of rice on a blue platter
How to Make Tahdig (Persian Crunchy Rice)
Getting Perfect Grill Marks | Grilling
The levain used for sourdough bread rises in a glass jar, about triple its starting volume.
How to Ferment Sourdough Properly
A collage of coffee blooms at various stages
Bloom Phase: How to Read the Bubbles In Your Coffee
Three jars of fermenting hot sauces with airlocks in the top
How to Make Fermented Hot Sauce
Dry-Charring Is the Best and Fastest Way to Cook a Side of Asparagus
Blowtorching vegetables in a wok
Torch Hei Is the Best Way to Get Wok Hei at Home
Dry-Brining Is the Best Way to Brine Meat, Poultry, and More
For Better Grilled Vegetables, Use Your Chimney Starter
How to Dispose of Cooking Oil and Fat
Homebrewing: How to Dry Hop Your Beer
Overhead view of a wok station
How to Set Up a Wok Cooking Station
A bowl of ramen noodle soup; you can transform regular pasta into ramen noodles with baking soda.
Turn Your Pasta Into Ramen With Baking Soda
ice cream in glass bowls
Level Up Your Ice Cream by Leveling Your Cake
Frozen pears thawing in bowl of water
Freeze en Place: How to Use Your Freezer as a "Cooking" Tool
How to Set Up Your Grill for Better Skewers, Kebabs, and Yakitori
How to Grill Whole Fish
Save Your Vegetable Scraps, Make Stock
The Right Way to Sauce Pasta
How to Break Down a Chicken | Knife Skills
How to Build a Better Rice Bowl
Two dry-aged steaks cooking in a cast iron skillet.
How to Dry Age Beef
All Praise the St. Louis Bagel and Its Infinite Potential
Shrimp, Oyster, and Fish Po' Boy sandwiches on sandwich paper
How to Make the Best Seafood Po' Boys
A dollop of butternut squash puree on a plate.
How to Make a Vegetable Purée
Should You Really Only Cook With Wine You'd Drink? The Truth About Cooking With Wine
The Many Tastes of Coffee Ice Cream: How to Make Just the Right Scoop for You
Stretching mozzarella curds over a bowl.
How to Make Mozzarella Recipe
Toasting Nuts? The Microwave is Your Best Friend
Cocktail 101: Decorative Garnishes
The Best Way to Reheat a Pizza Slice
How to Dye Easter Eggs Naturally, Without a Store-Bought Kit
How to Cryo-Blanch Vegetables | The Food Lab
How to Clean and Fillet Fresh Sardines
Vegan Pizza
The Pizza Lab: How To Make Vegan Pizzas That Really Work
stracciatella gelato
How to Make the Best Stracciatella Gelato
Leftover Pizza + Waffle Iron = Delicious Crispy, Gooey, Cheese-Stuffed Snack
Barista Tips: The Espresso Tamper
Hand-whisking mayonnaise
Whisking Versus Blending Mayonnaise: The Best Tools for the Job
Homebrewing: Introduction to Mashing and All-Grain Brewing
How to Make Asparagus alla Milanese With Tips and Variations
Coffee Techniques: Finding the Right Grind
20100712-granita primary.JPG
How to Make Granita
Overhead view of passing-through fish in a wok
Wok Skills 101: Passing-Through
Cocktails and Spirits with Paul Clarke: Adding Spice
Overhead view of a cutting board showcasing multiple types of cuts of carrots, radishes, onions, meat, and cucumbers
Essential Chinese Knife Skills and Techniques
A cooked porterhouse steak on a hot grill.
The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Grilled Steak
A small dish of vegan mayonnaise.
How To Make Vegan Mayonnaise | The Food Lab
The Pizza Lab: The Complete Updated Guide to Grilled Pizza
20141216-cooked-steak-vicky-wasik-1 (1).jpg
The Importance of Resting Meat | The Food Lab
A bone in steak cooking in a cast iron skillet.
Do Bones Add Flavor to Meat? | Ask The Food Lab
Do I Need to Use Kosher Salt? | The Food Lab
A pizza on a wooden cutting board
For Great Pizza at Home, Get a Baking Steel
The Food Lab's Guide to Inexpensive Steak for the Grill: 5 Cuts You Should Know