Have You Ever Tapped a Maple Tree?


As long as there are pancake eaters there will be maple tree tappers. Though the pastime of sugaring (the official term for harvesting sap and syrup-ifying it) is largely associated with Vermont, the biggest maple syrup producer in the U.S., it also takes place in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and apparently Brooklyn where some newbie tappers have started their own DIY projects this year.

According to tapmytrees.com, making syrup is not only simple but an eco-happy process and usually happens in mid-to-late winter when evening temperatures dip to freezing. You basically just need a drill, some hollow steel pipes (referred to as spiles), a bucket, and maple trees.

So have you ever channeled your inner Pa (of Little House on the Prairie fame) and tapped or made syrup from scratch? Or just reaped the benefits of other tappers' hard work?


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