The World's Easiest Homemade Doughnuts


"All you need to start these doughnuts is a roll of biscuit dough."

A tube of storebought biscuit dough can be transformed into doughnuts. Robyn Lee

Soft, escalating, and deeply thoughtful, Homer Simpson's trademark moan of "Mmm...donuts.." is one of the most gut-wrenching sounds I've ever heard. And I mean gut-wrenching in the most literal way: my stomach awakens and all I can think of is a golden halo of fried dough cloaked in sweet gossamer.

My doughnut deliriums can be triggered by Homer, the sight of Krispy Kremes being delivered via conveyor belt past a cascade of glaze, or a humble sack of supermarket brand powdered doughnuts. Don't get me wrong; there are subpar specimens that even I won't eat—dry, leaden, negligently glazed—but for the most part, give me a doughnut, and I'm a happy camper.

Yes, That Easy


Speaking of campers, you may know the recipe below as "campfire doughnuts." Apparently, out in the wilderness you can poke a stick in some dough, place it over an open flame until it's cooked through, and, ta-dah! Doughnuts.

I've also heard of people using coffee cans to deep-fry dough on their excursions. I'm not outdoorsy, so I can't vouch for the stick or the can, but if a recipe does well with such modest equipment, imagine what a snap it'll be in the comfort of your own kitchen.


All you need to start these doughnuts is a roll of biscuit dough, which means no waiting for yeasted dough to rise and not much to clean up.

"no one will know, unless the pop! of the biscuit tin sells you out"

Punch out the doughnut holes, heat up some oil, and within minutes you'll have warm, crisp, homemade (no one will know, unless the pop! of the biscuit tin sells you out) doughnuts.


I made a few glazes, ranging from Plain Jane to fancier Orange-Cardamom, that are effortless. Only the Brown Butter Glaze requires a little attention, but it's so rich and nutty you'll want to make extra and save it to spread on toast. Whatever glaze you opt for, these doughnuts are unbelievable for breakfast or brunch, but make them à la minute for your friends and you'll be the host with the most.


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