Easy, Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu Dip: A Slow-Cooker Crowd-Pleaser

Chicken cordon bleu gets transformed into one heck of a dip. Morgan Eisenberg

My boyfriend James calls me the "crazy crock lady" because I'm constantly coming up with new ways to use my slow cooker. He might make fun of me for it, but I'll tell you, he always scarfs down whatever I make.

Sometimes it's juicy shredded chicken, sometimes it's bubbly dips, and sometimes I toss in tons of cheese to melt over macaroni or meat.

This time, I did all three with this chicken cordon bleu dip.

This time, he hardly paused to breathe between bites.

If you're like me—a procrastinator and perfectionist all at once—then this dip is exactly the appetizer you want to whip up when you've got company coming over. It's got substance, it's got tons of flavor, and it's easy to make ahead and keep warm.

Like all classic chicken cordon bleu recipes, this dip includes chicken, Swiss cheese, and ham, but it adds a few outliers. First, I add some wine (which gets me thinking, should I call this chicken cordon fondue?). Second, I work some cream cheese into the mix for a smooth dip consistency.


Here's how easy it is.

To start, I add chicken to my slow cooker and season it with dried herbs, salt, and pepper. Even though you don't generally want to slow-cook a lean cut like chicken breast, it's what I used in this recipe: I find that once shredded and mixed with all the fatty cheese, chicken breast actually makes a better dip—thighs get too greasy.

I cube some butter and place it on top of the chicken for added richness and set the slow cooker to low for five hours. There's no need to add liquid here—the slow cooker traps moisture as the chicken slowly cooks.


When time is up, I shred the chicken by pulling it apart with forks. The smaller the better, as I want the chicken to be easily scooped onto bread, crackers, or chips. I also keep all the liquid that has accumulated in the slow cooker, since it adds flavor to the dip and helps determine the final consistency.

Then I add the remaining dip ingredients: cream cheese, Swiss cheese, deli ham, dry white wine, and chicken broth, and give everything a stir. I let it go another two hours in the slow cooker, stirring once during that time, and then the dip is ready. It can be served right away or held on the "warm" setting until it's time to serve.


Of course, that's assuming James hasn't eaten it all before the guests arrive.