How to Make the Quickest Biscuit-Egg Breakfast Sandwiches Imaginable

These scrambled eggs are so cheesy, they're almost like Mexican queso fundido. Daniel Gritzer

I don't do much baking at home. With a small kitchen and limited counter space, I'm not typically inclined to make any recipe that requires rolling out dough on a flour-dusted work surface. Which is why I was inspired to whip up Marissa's drop biscuits as soon as I read her recipe: What could be better than a biscuit dough that requires no rolling, no laminating, and no stamping out of biscuit shapes? The fact that the recipe was so quick to throw together was just gravy.

My first thought about how to eat them was actually with gravy, but I didn't have any of the ingredients on hand to do that. Instead, I decided on a breakfast sandwich filled with the most flavorful scrambled eggs I could make. I had some delicious Bulgarian feta in my fridge, which I thought would taste good in the eggs, but as much as I love feta, I often have an issue with just how assertive its flavor can be in a dish. So I decided to supplement it with an even larger portion of mozzarella cheese, which has a mild flavor and melts so much more beautifully than feta. That way, I'd get just enough of the feta flavor along with all that great melted mozzarella texture. To build a more delicious flavor base, I started with some onions cooked in butter, and finished the eggs with chopped dill.

In the end, the biscuits came out perfectly crisp on the outside and light and tender within, while my eggs were so over-the-top cheesy that they almost resembled Mexican queso fundido, which, at least to me, was a glorious thing. Considering that the dish involves making homemade biscuits plus cooking eggs, it's kind of miraculous how easily and quickly the whole thing comes together.