Momofuku Milk Bar's Cereal Milk | Bake the Book

Gabriele Stabile and Mark Ibol

Before getting our hands on Christina Tosi's Momofuku Milk Bar, I'd never really given all that much though to just how that puddle of milk leftover in your cereal bowl takes on all of those great cereal flavors. And while it does occur naturally, while you're leisurely spooning your cereal, Tosi has perfected a method for making all sorts of milks that have all of that cereally goodness steeped into them.

This is the most basic of all of the Cereal Milk recipes in Momofuku Milk Bar, using toasted corn flakes that flavor the milk with a deep corn flavor and a good punch of salt along with the sweetness. But this recipe is just a jumping off point—feel free to sub in your favorite cereals using the method outlined here. And once you have your Cereal Milk steeped, it can be put into action in all sorts of fun endeavors. Cereal diehards can pour the stuff over their morning bowls, ice cream mavens can freeze it into Cereal Milk ice cream or soft serve, and those looking for a more highbrow dessert can mix in a bit of gelatin for elegant panna cotta.

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