5 Novelty Ice Cream Hacks With One Easy Chocolate Dip

Vicky Wasik

Would you do unspeakable things for a Klondike Bar? Do you ask the Mister Softee vendor for an extra-tall swirl of soft serve? You might have an ice cream problem. It's okay. I have one too.

Everyone's had a Good Humor bar, but have you ever made one in the comfort of your own home? After a week of making my own novelty ice creams, I'm here to tell you it's easier than you think.

First Up: The Best Chocolate Dip (aka Magic Shell)


The food scientists at Smucker's did a marvelous job with Magic Shell, a syrup that hardens into a snappy candy on contact with ice cream. But it's dead-easy to make at home with high quality dark chocolate and a secret ingredient: coconut oil, a saturated fat that turns solid as it's cooled down by ice cream.

Look around the internet and you'll find plenty of ersatz Magic Shell recipes. I've tried them all, but this one nails the snappy-yet-fudgy chocolate texture of a proper chocolate dip better than any of them. And once you have it down you can make a whole ice cream truck's worth of novelty treats.

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King Cones

The Good Humor King Cone is a whole ice cream sundae all in a pre-wrapped, chocolate-lined cone. Vanilla ice cream? Check. Dark chocolate ribbon? You got it. Roasted nuts? Yup. And the best part—a nub of solid chocolate to reward you for making your way down to the bottom of the cone.

This homemade version takes all those great elements but adds better chocolate, ice cream, and nuts. It's good to be the king.

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Klondike Bars

There's a reason Klondike Bars are so well loved—the ice cream and chocolate that go into them are pretty quality stuff, at least by ice cream truck standards. But when you make them yourself you can use your own favorite dark chocolate and whatever flavor of premium ice cream your heart desires.

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Mr. Softee-Style Chocolate Dipped Soft Serve

There's no soft serve like Mister Softee. That creamy, almost slippery how is this not melting texture is the pride and joy of New York City come summertime. And now you can make it yourself with a recipe that you can serve, freeze, thaw, and serve again just like it was made two minutes ago. And, of course, crown it with the de rigeur chocolate dip.

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Ice Cream Pops

The best ice cream pops don't skimp on the chocolate coating or toppings, and as you can see these come fully loaded. Freeze ice cream in little paper Dixie cups and then unwrap it in perfect ice pop shapes. As for crunchy coatings, sprinkles aren't the only option—cake crumbs, chopped nuts, even cacao nibs are all great bets.

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