How to Make Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Kale Salad

Jean Georges

Chef Vongerichten prepping his take on a Caesar salad. Keep on clicking for step-by-step instructions.

Maggie Hoffman

Kale is hot in New York city restaurants and our kitchens these days: we've been devouring it in tacos, baked into chips, and grilled in salads. (Is kale the new brussels sprouts? Maybe.) Whatever the current trend is, we are happy to gobble kale in restaurants and at home.

At a recent cooking class during the New York Culinary Experience at the French Culinary Institute, Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten shared tips and a recipe for a raw kale salad from the menu at Nougatine restaurant on the Upper West Side. "It's a new-style Caesar salad," he said as he demonstrated the proper way to prepare dinosaur kale, serrano chiles, and a parmesan dressing for this delicious dish.

A handful of fresh mint mixed into the salad adds a fresh, bright flavor, and toasted mini-croutons contribute a bit of crunch and richness. Check out Chef Vongerichten's recipe below.