Gallery: 12+ Ways to Amp Your Guac

  • Taste the Rainbow

    Yep, that's an awful lot of guacamole. 24 avocados worth, to be precise!

    The Classic

    For those who like their guac the classic way: just some lime juice, onions, serrano chile, and garlic. Simple and unadorned. Get the classic recipe here »

    Citrus Exchange

    Swapping out the traditional lime for lemon, bitter orange, or even grapefruit is a quick way to alter the profile of your guac. Adding a bit of zest or even mashing a few citrus segments directly into it can amplify the effect.

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    In college we used to play a game with the eggnog at our holiday party, labeling them The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, depending on the degree they were spiked to. I like to do a similar thing with my guac at parties. Good's got no chilis. Bad's got a couple serranos or perhaps a jalapeño. Ugly comes on strong with the full force of a couple chopped habañero peppers. Don't forget to wear gloves and don't rub your eyes! (If you're feeling especially pranky, feel free to swap the labels around.)

    Basic Vegetable Variations

    A simple way to add a little oomph to your guacamole? Add different vegetables: a bit of chopped tomato added in to the mix (hint: salt your tomato and let it drain for 10 minutes before adding to intensify flavor and prevent your guac from getting watered down). Red onion makes a nice alternative to yellow, as do Vidalias or even scallions.

    Roasted Garlic

    Roasted Garlic Guacamole is a sweeter, more caramelized alternative to the original, which is typically made with raw garlic. Get the recipe!

    Charred Corn and Black Beans

    If guacamole isn't southwestern enough for you already, here is an even more tex-mex version, with roasted corn and black beans. Get the recipe!

    Chipotle, Orange Zest, and Pumpkin Seeds

    Toasted pepitas and orange zest make for a crunchy and aromatic variation of guacamole; if you're looking for something bolder, and with spice, this is the guac for you. chipotle variation

    Lots of Tomato!

    Blue Cheese and Bacon

    Get the recipe!

    Old Bay and Crab

    Get the recipe!

    Mango and Jicama

    Get the recipe!

    Edamame and Sesame

    Get the recipe!

    Charred Tomatillo

    Get the recipe!.

    Fermented Chili Bean Paste and Chili Oil

    Get the Recipe!

    Sriracha Guac

    For all you Sriracha lovers out there, the ones who believe that there is nothing that cannot be improved with a drizzle of the Rooster sauce, this one is for you. Get the recipe!

    Or if You Want to Get Fancy...

    Or if You Want to Get Fancy...

    Click through to see our 12+ guacamole variations.