Move Over Burgers, These Spicy Chicken Wings Need Some Space on the Grill

Fish sauce and chili add savoriness and heat to these grilled wings. Shao Z.

If you're like most of the grillers I know, you turn to that one tried-and-true recipe every time you fire up the coals. For some, it's their signature juicy burger, for others it's the perfect ribs. For me, it's chicken wings. Tender and juicy, with the perfect ratio of skin to meat, I can't resist throwing them on the fire any chance I get. My flavor of choice? These salty-spicy chicken wings, marinated with soy sauce, fish sauce, Shaoxing wine, and spices.

With great savory depth from the fish sauce, these wings are easy to prep, requiring only an overnight marination for maximum flavor. To start, I mix all the ingredients in a container large enough to hold the wings.


Instead of adding fresh garlic to the marinade, I find that granulated garlic (not garlic powder) delivers even better garlic flavor that permeates every bite. To add heat to the wings, I snip dried chili peppers into the marinade—I like spice, so I go for a generous amount, about 15 chili peppers. For milder wings, start with five chili peppers and work your way up to a more intense heat level if desired. Once I have the marinade mixed, I add the wings, combine everything together, and let them marinate overnight.

The next day, I set up the grill for a two-zone indirect fire. Indirect cooking ensures the wings will be throughly cooked without charring on the outside.


Then, once cooked through, I move the wings directly over the fire to get them extra crispy outside. A minute on each side is all that's needed to finish them off.


Plate and enjoy while hot, perhaps with a tart pickle on the side to balance it out. Those burger and rib standbys are gonna have to make some room on the grilling rotation.