Stuck With Overripe Peaches? Make Frozen Peach Cocktails


Every summer, I buy too many peaches. I trick myself into thinking I will find a million ways to eat them. I imagine myself, apron on and wooden spoon in hand, getting applause for my peach-topped salads, my perfect peach pies, peach compotes, what-have-you. I keep finding myself at the farmers market, buying more. They smell amazing.

About two weeks into the season, I realize I've been a tad overzealous. The produce has been sitting on the counter a little too long. Luckily, I've been doing this every single summer for so long that I've found the ideal solution: blend up those overripe fruits with a good dose of booze.

The best thing about peaches is that they pair well with just about every liquor you might have on hand. And whether you want to go bit toward the savory direction or embrace that peachy sweetness, peaches can really improve your summer cocktail game. Today I'm giving you two frozen drinks to start with—two drinks that will also serve to eradicate my overstocked peach collection.


Let's start with the savory. Blanco tequila is a little herbal and grassy, and even more so when mixed with electric-yellow Suze, a French aperitif that's floral and citrusy, but also bitter thanks to gentian root, which you'll also find in bitter sips like Underberg and Angostura. Your sweet peaches balance out that earthy side, mixed with sweet-tart pineapple and mint for a concoction that's both refreshing and complex.

To make things really easy—and to keep your ice from melting too fast in a hot kitchen—you'll batch up the whole drink mix the night before and chill it down in the fridge. All you need when it's time to party is some ice and a blender.

The second drink is another batch-ahead number, chilled in the fridge and ready to go. (Don't attempt to throw this in the freezer; there's enough non-liquor stuff in the mix that it'll freeze into a solid block.)


Here we go tropical, whipping up a rum-based cocktail rich with coconut cream and flecked with bits of sweet peaches. The fresh, ripe fruit adds a ton of intense flavor. For an extra boozy punch, we float dark rum on top with a dash of cinnamon to enhance the aroma. It's the kind of thing that has me thinking I should really buy more peaches...

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