Your Blender's Highest Purpose: Frozen Negronis at Home

Starting now, this is the summer of Frozen Negronis. . Elana Lepkowski

Sometimes a cocktail over ice just doesn't cut it. Sometimes, when the sun is blinding you, and you're shaking hot sand out of unusual places, you want something as close to frozen as possible.

Enter the slushie. Do your teeth ache just thinking about those electric-colored, sugar-coma inducing beverages? Well, I feel for you. Frozen cocktails are never boozy enough... and rarely taste particularly good.


So we're going to take matters into our own hands and make a frozen drink that's not neon green or super sweet. A sophisticated slushie, if you will: one that's as close to a classic cocktail as a slushie can be.

Frozen Negroni


A Frozen Negroni is a major upgrade: unlike more sugary slushies, it offers nuanced flavor along with its icy chill. One sip gives you a touch of sweet, a sharp cut of bitterness, and hints of citrus. Your gin can add herbal and spice notes. My personal preference is a more floral, botanical style gin such as G'Vine, rather than a juniper-forward option, but if you're craving more juniper, try Fords.

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Watermelon White Negroni Slushie


Bitter drinks just not your thing? If you're craving a frozen drink that's lighter and fruitier, this other recipe is for you. It starts with a White Negroni, a spin on the classic made with Cocchi Americano instead of Campari and dry vermouth instead of sweet.


Here, the stiff drink is softened with fresh watermelon, added as a gin infusion to cut down the extra water and eliminate any fiber from the fruit. The result is a delicately fruity frozen cocktail that shows off the essence of watermelon.

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Invite some friends over to try both drinks! You can easily fit a batch of 3 servings in your blender at a time.

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