Gallery: How to Make Carbonated Negroni Cocktails

  • To make 6 sparkling Negronis, start with good sweet vermouth

    bartender pouring drink

    You'll be filling your carbonating bottle with enough booze for 6 servings, but you'll stir it all over ice first to add just the right amount of water and to properly chill the liquid before carbonating. Set up 3 large mixing glasses, and add 2 ounces of Carpano Antica sweet vermouth to each glass. Make sure your vermouth is fresh!

    Then the Campari

    bartender pouring drink

    Add 2 ounces Campari to each glass as well.

    Then the gin

    bartender pouring drink

    Add two ounces of gin (such as Plymouth) to each mixing glass.

    Add ice and stir

    bartender stirring cocktail

    Add ice to each mixing glass and stir until chilled. Extra points for stirring two glasses at once. Remember: ice isn't just for chilling, it's also for proper dilution, so don't skip this part.

    Pour into Isi carbonating bottle

    bartender pouring into Isi carbonating bottle

    Pour stirred cocktails into Isi carbonating bottle. If you don't have a mixing glass with a pour spout, you may want to use a funnel to avoid splashing. At this point, you can seal the bottle and keep your bottled Negronis in the fridge until ready to serve, or carbonate immediately as long as the bottle is cold.

    Prepare charger


    The downside of the Isi is that the charging capsules are one-time use. Buying in bulk can lower the cost of the chargers to around 50 cents each, though. Insert charger into Isi 'sparkling wand'.


    carbonate cocktail

    Twist on the Isi's 'sparkling wand' according to package instructions and let it get fizzy. Lieberman sometimes carbonates his Negronis twice for extra bubbles.


    bartender pouring drink

    For each drink, place a large ice cube in an old fashioned glass and add about 4 ounces of the carbonated cocktail.

    Grapefruit oil

    grapefruit twist

    Though a Negroni is typically served with an orange twist, Lieberman likes a grapefruit twist with the carbonated version. Squeeze grapefruit peel over the surface of the drink to express the oil, then add the twist to the cocktail as a garnish.

    Caught in the act

    bartender drinking a cocktail