The Paupered Chef's Guide to $3 Homemade Pizza Stones


It seems there's been a lot of buzz about pizza stones in Serious Eats Talk lately (Aaaargh, Pizza Stone!, Pizza at Home, Using a Pizza Stone, How to Clean a Pizza Stone). My take on pizza stones has always been to pick up a purpose-built one when they're on sale.* Mostly because I get confused at the home centers when I go in to find the appropriate tiles that kitchen-hackers recommend.

No more. Blake Royer of The Paupered Chef has some useful tips on finding just the right tiles to get you baking on the cheap — all for no more than $3.

His advice:

  • The tiles have to be unglazed
  • Quarry tiles is another name for them, and they look like terra-cotta pots
  • They should be among the cheapest tiles in the store

He picked up his six tiles (to make a rectangular surface, better for sliding pizza onto than the circular purpose-built stones) at Home Depot for $2.98.

*Luckily, I haven't had to buy one in a while. My latest one, purchased almost 10 years ago, has held up perfectly. Of course, now it's going to jinx-break next time I fire up the oven.