How to Make a Bolder Burger

Hint: It starts with better buns.

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With summer on the horizon, our minds turn to many things—hot dogs, potato salad—but perhaps nothing is more symbolic of grilling season’s arrival than the burger. It’s an everyday staple that also feels celebratory, and it's a canvas for all kinds of toppings, flavor profiles, and sides. There’s just as much room for fluffy pita as there is for the occasional brioche, equal opportunity for ketchup as there is for Sriracha mayo.

This summer we’ll be trying new ways to cook and serve our burgers, and one patty vehicle we’re particularly excited about are the organic burger buns from Dave’s Killer Bread in two new varieties: Burger Buns Done RightTM and 21 Whole Grains and Seeds Buns.

We’re fans of Dave’s not just for the flavor and hearty yet soft texture, but also because everything made by this national favorite—it’s America’s number-one organic sliced bread—is a product of intention, from organic, non-GMO ingredients to its Second Chance Employment practices. One-third of the employees at Dave’s Killer Bread’s Milwaukie bakery have a criminal background, and the company has established a foundation to help other businesses train and employ people exiting the criminal justice system.

You can taste Dave’s Killer Bread's commitment to quality, whether you’re buttering a slice of toast for breakfast or biting into a burger. No matter how else you decide to dress up your burger, you’ll be off to a great start with a Dave’s Killer Bread bun in hand.

Here are five ways to build a bolder burger this summer.

Freeze Your Meat

When ground meat hits room temperature, the fat will start to melt, sticking to your hands or surfaces. You may end up overworking the meat as a result, which could leave the burger tough. Try seasoning your ground meat with spices, putting it in the freezer for 15 minutes, then gently forming it into patties.

Add Worcestershire Sauce

To add extra depth to your ground beef, add about one ounce of Worcestershire sauce for every two pounds of meat. The salty, umami liquid will make everyone do a double take.

But Wait to Add Salt

Salt your patties just before they hit the grill, so that the salt doesn’t dissolve the proteins and turn the meat dense and springy.

Baste With Butter

We’re fans of grilling our patties, but there’s also a time and place for searing in a cast iron skillet. And when you do, baste that patty with butter just as you would a steak. You won’t regret it.

Choose a Solid Bun

If you eat as many burgers as we do throughout the summer, you’ll have ample time to play around with different carby vessels. Try Dave’s Killer Bread's buns. You’ll not only feel good eating them but also about where they came from.