How to Get Large Slices of Pizza from Small Ovens or Pies


It's a problem we've all struggled with: you want a large, New York-style, foldable slice—a slice cut out of a pie 18" in diameter or larger—but the problem is, most home oven pizza stones just aren't big enough, leaving you with measly looking 6" slices that barely qualify as an hors d'oeuvre, much less a full on satisfying snack.

Well, thanks to an interesting talk thread and community member Frizzaldo who was the first to attempt this unique method for My Pie Monday, we've now got a brand-spanking-new technique to add to our home-pizza-making arsenal: how to get large slices of pizza out of a small pie, and it's remarkably easy.

In case the photo doesn't give it away, I'll spell it out for ya.

Step 1: Make pizza into an oblong


I used my New York-Style pizza recipe.

Step 2: Bake pizza


Step 3: Slice pizza, following this pattern:


You'll end up with three nice, big slices, and a couple of awesome-if-you're-a-crust-lover edge pieces. I'm a crust lover.

Step 4: Eat Pizza