How to Cook a Turkey in a Convection Oven


"If you aren't using your convection feature, you are missing out of a great technological advance in cooking," says Rick Rogers of Epicurious's Thanksgiving Countdown. He explains that using a convection oven speeds up cooking times and improves browning. Some of his tips:

Along with improved browning, I find that the pan juices reduce more quickly than conventional roasting from the blowing hot air, so check the pan occasionally and add more stock or water to moisten the juices. This isn't a big deal; every forty-five minutes or so to check is enough attention.

There are two general rules when converting a regular recipe to convection: Reduce the oven temperature by 25F, and reduce the cooking time by about one quarter. So, if you had a turkey recipe for 325F at 4 hours, you would lower the oven to 300F and let it roast for about 3 hours.

You don't have to lower the temperature though; Rick admits he never does, which results in a turkey that is a "gorgeous burnished brown."

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