Pistachio Milk is Awesome, and You Should Make Some at Home


If you've never tried homemade nut milks, you're missing out: creamy and luscious-tasting, these beverages—whether they're made from almonds, cashews, hazelnuts or pecans—are a far cry from their pasteurized grocery store counterparts, which are fine in your morning cereal but usually not quite compelling enough to drink on their own. Make it yourself, though, and the end result is deeply-flavored and rich, almost like a milkshake.

The good news is that making nut milk at home couldn't be simpler, requiring only a blender and a little advance planning. You take a cup of shelled nuts, soak them in water overnight, then, the next day, grind them in the blender along with hot water. Strained through cheesecloth and flavored with salt, spices, and a little sweetener if desired, your nut milk is ready to be refrigerated and enjoyed throughout the week.

There's something about this pistachio milk that's extra-indulgent. When puréed and strained—even before it's perfumed with vanilla and exotic-tasting ground cardamom—the pale green milk smells just like rich pastry cream. Once those extra ingredients are added and the pistachio milk is chilled, a sip is immediately transporting, it's a distant cousin of the much-loved Indian dessert kulfi, a cardamom-spiced pistachio ice cream. Drink it on its own; alongside a plate of cookies, or, for the best weekday breakfast ever, pour it over your morning granola.