Essential Tips and Tricks to Win at Holiday Entertaining

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The holiday season is fast approaching.

Did your stomach just drop? Did your chest seize with anxiety? Did you jump up and down with gleeful joy? No matter. Whether you dread hosting or simply can't wait, we've got some crucial basics that will make your life a whole lot easier (and make your food look—and taste—a whole lot better).

For Prep and Planning

J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

When you spend all day shopping for and preparing a holiday roast, you want to know how to serve it in beautiful, appetizing portions. Learn how to carve everything from turkey to lamb, put together the ultimate shopping list, and prep easy garnishes for a presentation that does all your hard work justice.

For Platters

Robyn Lee

Meat and cheese platters always sound like an easy pre-dinner idea...until you're staring down a vast and intimidating selection. Here's how to recognize and pair ingredients, plus tips for showing off their good sides.

For Drinks

Vicky Wasik

As a host, you want to make sure to have enough drinks for everyone—without having to shake or stir each cocktail to order. These guides help you calculate how much booze to buy, plus how to pair your feast with the best beers, wines, ciders, and more.

For Desserts

Lauren Weisenthal

Oh, hello beautiful lattice pie crust and adorable crimped edges. What's that? You want to decorate some Christmas cookies? We can guide you. And yes, we totally do have the only pie crust recipe you'll ever need.