Make Your Morning Festive With This Dairy-Free Coquito Smoothie


We've all been there. Sometimes, somewhere in the middle of the holiday season, you find yourself wanting to start your day with a swig of eggnog straight from the carton. Go ahead—we won't judge. But this eggnog-inspired smoothie makes a better breakfast.

Looking to coquito, the Puerto Rican holiday punch, for guidance, this creamy and rich smoothie happens to be dairy and egg free; a little bit lighter (and much less boozy) than what you served at your holiday party.

Coquito is typically made with some combination of canned coconut milk, evaporated milk, and condensed milk as a starting point. I initially thought full-fat, canned coconut milk would be the best liquid for blending here. However, since most canned coconut milk will separate when refrigerated and I wanted a nice cold base, I went with the coconut milk in a carton—the kind you find in the refrigerated section of your grocery store. Relative to other non-dairy milks, it is still quite high in fat (that's a good thing!) and provides both richness and coconut flavor.


Maple syrup adds a balanced sweetness and mimics the caramel notes of dark rum and bourbon, contributing deep flavor to the drink without any booze. Paired with the frozen bananas that provide both additional sweetness, creaminess, and the body that would typically come from eggs, this smoothie manages to be amazingly thick and creamy, without feeling too heavy.