Gallery: Happy National Pie Day! Our 10 Favorite Savory Pie Recipes

You've heard the news by now: it's National Pie Day! This means, if you haven't eaten a pie already, locating one should be very high on your priority list. (Of course, if you're one of us, National Pie Day is everyday and applies to every nation.) In addition to the sweet pies, save room for a slice of the savory stuff, too. Here with recipes for turkey pot pie, Cornish pasties, cornbread skillet pie, shepherd's pie, and more.

  • Shepherd's Pie with Jalapeno-Pea Purée

    Shepherd's pie is the ultimate comfort food. You can experiment with various ways to change up the meat layer, veggie layer, and mashed potato layer. For this spicy version, puree the peas with a few jalapenos. Get the recipe »

  • Rabbit, Prune, and Onion Pie

    Rabbit, Prune, and Onion Pie

    This is one of Kenji's favorites in the savory pie genre. Depending on how "saucy" you like your finished pie, you can use more or less of the gravy. Get the recipe »

  • Bacon Mincemeat Pie

    Bacon mincemeat pie

    Mincemeat pies traditionally contain savory beef and suet that's sweetened up with fruits, nuts, and sweeteners. But this one's made with (oh my) bacon and bacon fat. It's a sweet, savory, and smoky version of mincemeat pie. Get the recipe »

  • Cornish Pasty

    Cornish pasty

    These hand pies, or pasties, are filled with meat and root vegetables. You could throw in just about any ol' meat or veggie, just be sure to chop the ingredients in evenly sized pieces so they all cook evenly. Get the recipe »

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  • Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

    Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

    Not sure what to do with extra turkey? Pot pie is the solution. The flavors here are traditional: celery, onion, and carrots with a little parsley thrown in. Feel free to take it in a new direction with, say, a tablespoon of curry powder. Baking the pies in ramekins decreases the cooking time (plus they look way cuter). Get the recipe »

  • Sausage and Feta Hand Pies

    Sausage and feta hand pies

    Stuff a bit of filling into a square of unsweetened pie dough and fold the corners up until they almost meet. The pretty little package that results has a very high crust-to-filling ratio. Get the recipe »

  • Green Bean Casserole Pie

    Green bean casserole pie

    You may remember this one from our All-Pie Thanksgiving fantasy feast last year. If you've ever felt that fried onions just don't add enough crunch to a green bean casserole, it's time you bake that whole casserole into a pie crust. Get the recipe »

  • Long Leek Pie

    Long leek pie

    This lovely long pie uses store-bought puff pastry. The sweet leeks are poached in white wine and thyme then arranged on a frame of puff pastry and baked with a sprinkling of aged goat cheese. Get the recipe »

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  • Cornbread and Beef Skillet Pie

    Cornbread and beef skillet pie

    This Martha Stewart recipe for beef skillet "pie" with red peppers and mushrooms has a cornbread "crust" on top. Aren't we all just looking for an excuse to eat more cornbread? The cornbread is really easy to make, too: flour, cornmeal, water, egg, sour cream, and baking soda that's all whisked together. Get the recipe »

  • Steak and Kidney Pie

    Steak and kidney pie

    The smell of this pie cooking will envelope your kitchen with smells that make you feel like you just got back from hunting pheasant (or maybe fox), and it's time to pour a glass of port while supper is being prepared. This recipe uses all beef stock, but you could easily replace some of it with a strong ale. Get the recipe »