Hangover Helper: Sliced Pork Congee with Egg at Maxwell Food Centre, Singapore

Cure in a bowl Yvonne Ruperti

Spend the night out in Singapore and there's a good chance that you'll end up either warbling your inebriated heart out to Barry Manilow at a karaoke bar, or sitting next to a group of old Chinese men (call them "uncle", please) at a hawker stand at 5 a.m. as you add your last bottle of Tiger to the dozens of empties besieging the table. And this is after you've danced on the beach or in the clubs all night, and swapped your aching 5-inch stilettos for your trusty Havianas. Before you hop in the cab and head home the smartest thing you can do is to stave off the night's damage with one of Singapore's best Asian hangover fixes: Sliced Pork Congee with Egg.

Ho Kee Porridge in the open air Maxwell Food Centre serves up a hearty bowl of this slow cooked rice porridge almost 24 hours a day. A raw egg is cracked into the bottom of the bowl which cooks slightly after the steaming hot porridge is ladled over the top and you let it sit for a few minutes.

The broken down grains of rice are creamy and easy to digest, and the carbs will soak up the bad choice of that last drink. The liquid in this soup-like porridge sneaks some hydration into your parched system. The congee comes with tender slices of mildly seasoned lean pork, and you're free to add the fixings depending on your stomach's situation. Soy sauce satisfies your body's craving for salt, fried shallots are good and greasy, and sliced scallions freshen up the dish. Sprinkling on some white pepper or chopped Thai chilies will help you sweat out the night's infractions.

And at only SGD $4.00 (roughly $3.25 US), the small price will soothe your wallet after it's been smacked to smithereens from Singapore's stiff alcohol tariffs.

Ho Kee Porridge

#01-45, Maxwell Food Centre, 1 Kadayanallur Street, Singapore (map)