26 Hangover-Busting Breakfast Recipes for New Year’s Day

All the hangover-friendly breakfast recipes you need to feel like yourself again on New Year's Day.

Vicky Wasik

I normally try to turn in fairly early, so any time I'm at out past midnight, I have a tendency to overdo it on the drinks. That can make New Year's a dangerous time. The obvious solution is just to have a little self-control and alternate booze and water, but, despite our best intentions, we're bound to wake up on January 1 a little worse for the wear.

If you, like me, can't guarantee you won't wake up hung over on New Year's Day, we can at least ensure that we have the right recipes on hand to nurse ourselves back to health. To that end, we've got 26 hangover-friendly breakfast recipes for New Year's Day, from simple, homey cures like fried eggs and pho ga to total gut-busters, like croque madames and Doritos migas.