Roasted Garlic and Mint Pesto Stuffed Leg of Lamb | Grilling

Joshua Bousel

When it comes to Easter lamb, there's one cut I want more than anything else: the leg. As I looked back at past recipes, I noticed leg of lamb shows up over and over again. I racked my brain for new lamb ideas, but no matter what alternatives popped into my head—lamb meatballs, rack of lamb, barbecue lamb ribs—I still couldn't shake my desire for that delicious leg.

So, I decided to go for more leg. This year I wanted to use up a batch of mint pesto—how about stuffing lamb with it? I was worried the mellowed mint flavor of the pesto might get lost in the richness of the meat, so I added roasted garlic into the mix Once the mint and garlic were spread over a butterflied leg of lamb, it was rolled and tied, then grilled to a juicy medium-rare.

The strong, yet fairly smooth, flavor of leg of lamb was front and center, just how I like it. Bits of caramelized roasted garlic were embedded in each bite, while the more mild mint pesto added a touch of freshness and saltiness. This a worthy holiday roast.