Hoisin Glazed Chicken Wings | Grilling

Joshua Bousel

My great love of wings has led me to concoct so many different wings that I've now lost track of how many there are in the arsenal. Not all wings are hits but these hoisin glazed wings were some of the best I made all summer.

It all started when I had a grilled pizza party going. Though I had made my ultimate grilled buffalo wings to pair with the pies, I wanted to add a little variety and came across this recipe for hoisin wings. I adapted it for the grill, and gave it a whirl.

I started the wings off with Kenji's baking powder "trick" to crunchy skin—a step I never leave out anymore. Then over indirect heat, the wings crisped nicely, and right after pulling them off, I gave them a brushing of a primarily hoisin, honey, and soy sauce mixture, and set that glaze quickly over direct heat.

I'm a hoisin junkie, so I was easily sold on these sweet and salty wings with a light Asian barbecue flavor. Luckily, all my guests agreed, with the wings disappearing so quickly that there were a few calls of remorse from those who were not quick enough to get their desired share.