Grill-Pressed Chorizo Tortas | Grilling

Joshua Bousel

Over the past couple years, sandwiches have become some of my favorite things to grill. Think about it, it's the world's greatest sandwich maker—you can cook, toast, and press for a crowd all on one device, without much fuss or mess. This had led me to greats like meatball parms, banh mi, Italian party panini, and cubanos. I'm now adding these chorizo tortas to that list.

Taking a Mexican influence and maximizing the use of the grill, I started these sandwiches by grilling chorizo, poblanos, and onions. The chorizo was then split, the poblanos peeled and chopped, and the onions separated out into rings and piled high on oblong bolillo rolls along with avocado slices, Oaxacan cheese, and a light spread of chipotle mayo. The whole deal was pressed down on the grill using a heated brick as the weight.

I'm a sucker for Mexican flavors, so it's hard for me not to gush over this sandwich. The spicy and earthy chorizo was the heaviest hitter in the lineup, but the avocado and cheese tempered the heat of the sausage and added creaminess at the same time. The poblanos lent a bit of fruitiness, while the onions gave both sweetness and little bite. The light and crisp bread encasing all this awesomeness was just the icing on the cake. Everything came together to exemplify how stellar sandwiches made on the grill can be.