Chorizo Stuffed Poblano Peppers | Grilling


With three pounds of fresh Mexican chorizo on hand, the game now is finding uses for all that sausage. Tacos are an obvious choice, but looking for something more ambitious and creative, my first chorizo endeavor were these stuffed poblano peppers.

As I learned the hard way, it's best to precook the meat before stuffing it into a pepper, so I started by sautéing onions, garlic, and chorizo in a skillet. To keep this mixture moist during the forthcoming second cook, I combined it with Mexican crema and rice along with additional flavorings of tomatoes, cilantro, and cotija. This was then spooned into halved poblanos—whose mild spicy and fruity flavor easily makes them my favorite large peppers to stuff—topped with pepper jack, and grilled over indirect heat until the cheese melted and the peppers softened.

These stuffed poblanos really build upon the awesomeness of the chorizo. The filling was a complex mixture that spread across a gamut of flavors and textures: fresh, tangy, creamy, spicy, cheesy, meaty, and more. The poblanos were instrumental in grounding all of these flavors, providing a base for the stuffing both structurally and flavor-wise.

Between the stuffed peppers and some links I've already downed, I'm about one-third of the way through my chorizo stockpile. Any suggestions for the other two-thirds?