Armadillo Eggs | Grilling


While I've been doing moderately well in my new career in competitive barbecue, I have found a weakness I must correct before the next competition—feeding my team, friends, and family. These events often span multiple days and the excess of available barbecue only comes in the last few hours. That leaves extra meals and snacktimes to fill up on great grilled goods, but the measly hot dogs I've been toting around aren't ceremonious enough to fit the bill.

What other foods can be made ahead and easily grilled? These armadillo eggs.

"So what are armadillo eggs? The question should instead be, "What aren't they?"

So what are armadillo eggs? The question should instead be, "What aren't they?" These little balls of excellence hold so much flavor, it's incredible.

They start with a half of a jalapeño stuffed with cream cheese combined with your favorite mix-ins—I did cheddar cheese and cilantro. Then the entire thing gets wrapped in sausage, sprinkled with a barbecue rub, and smoked over a hot fire until cooked through and nicely browned.

What you get is a powerhouse of flavor. The sausage is meaty, smoky, and moist, with a great caramelized crust. That alone is enough, but bite into one and out comes an explosion of fruity heat that's tempered by the oozing, creamy stuffing.

In all of these layers of flavor and meatiness, I think I found the perfect item to feed a hungry team. I'll be grilling up a bunch at the next competition.