Apple Butter Pork Loin | Grilling


I may have overestimated the amount of apple butter needed in a two-person household. One batch has topped a ton of toast, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, and much more with no end in sight. With freshness starting to turn, I devised a plan to finish up the rest by slathering a grilled pork loin with apple butter.

As with most pork I cook, I gave this one a brine first before grilling. It soaked in a salty, spiced apple cider-based mixture that seamed seasonally appropriate and a good match-up for the sweet apple butter.

The brined pork first gets seared on a hot grill, then is liberally spread with apple butter and let to finish cooking over indirect heat. While the apple butter clung well to the roast, it didn't bake down as I thought it might. But that wasn't a problem; the pork was still downright delicious.

The meat was incredibly juicy and the brine did wonders, filling the pork with a nuanced sweetness that mimicked the apple butter crust. With still more apple butter left, I smeared the rest on the pork slices, which made them all the better.

After finishing most of the roast myself, I was content both with the pork and that I had finally (nearly) put an end to a seemingly endless supply of apple butter.