Grilled Stuffed Flank Steak With Roasted Chilies and Pepper Jack Cheese

Spice-rubbed flank steak stuffed with roasted chilies, garlic, and pepper jack cheese. J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

We're grilling up stuffed flank steaks all week. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to butterfly and stuff a flank steak, and find all of our daily flavor variations here. We'll be adding a new recipe every day as the week goes on!

The Green Chile Cheeseburger, made by topping a fat cumin and chili-scented burger patty with roasted green chilies and cheese, is one of the finest burger creations known to man. Here we take those same flavors and roll them into a butterflied flank steak for an entrée pretty enough for an al fresco dinner party, with the same hearty flavors.

I start by roasting green chilies on the open flame of a gas burner (or better yet, grill them on the dying embers of a fire the night before). Once peeled, I carefully dry them between paper towels, since the excess moisture can make rolling up a flank steak difficult. I rub my flank steak with a mixture of garlic, chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper, and then layer it with the chilies and pepper jack cheese before rolling it up, securing it with twine. Sliced into individual pinwheels and secured with wooden skewers (the double-securing method prevents both unraveling and buckling turing cooking), they're grilled over hot coals. The beef chars, the cheese browns and softens, while the chilies and the spice rub tie the whole thing together.