20 Grilled-Steak Recipes to Conquer Summer

From tips on how to grill the best steaks of any kind to recipes for mixing it up on the grill, here are 20 steak recipes to help you get the most out of grilling season.

J. Kenji López-Alt

Today, we want to focus on just one of the many things you can cook on an open fire: steak. Beef isn't always my first choice for a cookout, but there is something undeniably satisfying about a grilled steak, whether it's marinated or seasoned with salt and pepper alone.

From a basic grilled steak done right and Thai-style steak salads to a spicy skirt steak sandwich, keep reading for 20 of our favorite grilled-steak recipes. End up cooking too much meat? Don't worry—our roundup of recipes using leftover grilled meats offers some delicious ways to put yesterday's steak to use.