10 New Year's Eve Cocktails

Kerry Saretsky

Not sure what to sip while humming Auld Lang Syne tomorrow night? Here are ten ideas; many of them involve bubbles.

  • Champagne Cocktail: Simple to prepare and damn tasty to boot.
  • Black Velvet: Some people might recoil at the idea of mixing Guinness with Champagne—ignore them.
  • Champagne Julep: Cognac plus Champagne. Warning: this one has some crazy firepower.
  • The Kir Royale du Bois: Triple-spiked with Champagne, crème de mure (a blackberry liqueur), and berry vodka, all mixed with blackberry purée.
  • Reveillon: Apple and pear brandies with allspice and cinnamon-tinged bitters.
  • The Shirley Temple, All Grown Up: Remember grenadine? And maraschino cherries?
  • Fernet Old Fashioned: Mint and eucalyptus-laced Italian digestivo (after all those party snacks).
  • Nutella Champagne Shooter: There's actually no Nutella in this but the Godiva chocolate liqueur and Frangelico do a great job rendering the hazlenutty goodness.
  • Champs Elysees The ne plus ultra of elegant cocktails.
  • Zombie Punch: A powerful yet balanced amalgam of rum, juice and sweeteners. And c'mon, it has "punch" in the title.

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