The Great American Beer Brawl

Beer. We love it. And, yes, we here at Serious Eats sure do drink a lot of it. But recently, we started wondering: Where's the best place in the country to drink it? That is, if we could choose any city in this suds-crazy land as a beer destination, where would we go? To help us figure that out, we brought in beer experts and aficionados from around the country to state the case for their favorite beer towns, and asked our readers to vote for theirs. Which is truly the greatest beer city in the US? Keep reading to see the winners and the also-rans in our Great American Beer Brawl!

The Great American Beer Brawl

[Illustrations: Zac Overman]

Read all about America's greatest beer cities, and check out the voting results below!


Surprising all of us, but certainly none of the Tampa residents who ​surely did not vote more than once or ​launch some sort of internet campaign to get all their friends to do likewise, it's Tampa in a landslide!

Beer Glass Tampa 24.1%
Beer Glass Portland 9.4%
Beer Glass Denver 7.9%
Beer Glass San Diego 7.5%
Beer Glass Burlington 6.9%
Beer Glass Asheville 6.5%
Beer Glass Cincinnati* 5.6%
Beer Glass Chicago* 5.2%
Beer Glass Gd Rapids* 3.1%
Beer Glass New York 2.6%
Beer Glass Philly* 1.9%
Beer Glass Seattle* 1.8%

* Cities that were not part of our featured series