20 Easy, Flavorful Grain Salad Recipes

Grain salads are easy to make and often last for days, and their flexibility means you can do a lot of improvising with whatever tasty in-season produce you have on hand. Here are 20 fresh, pantry-friendly recipes to try.

Vicky Wasik

We rely heavily on grain and rice salads in the wintertime, packing them with the filling, nutrient-dense ingredients they need to become a hearty meal. But then again, the prospect of a dish that requires just one round of cooking, yet can last for days in the refrigerator, is pretty enticing when the temperature starts to rise. Because grain salads are so flexible, you can do a lot of improvising with them, too, using them as vehicles for whatever tasty in-season produce you happen to have picked up recently. And, at the end of the day, they're just plain easy, a feature we can appreciate all year long.

Asparagus and peas with farro, cucumber and tomato with quinoa, and mango and avocado with black rice are just a few of the fresh, seasonally appropriate combinations you'll find in the 20 recipes listed below. If you need a recap of various grains and how to use them, check our comprehensive guide to whole grains here.