Gifts for the Cook Who Has Everything (2018)

They need gifts, too! Sort of.

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Everyone knows someone who seems to have every cooking tool and gadget in existence, and you might think that your best bet for buying them a good gift is either to go big and shell out a bunch of cash on something cooking-related or just go with something else, like a tie or a book. But we here at Serious Eats believe that even the cook who has everything (hi, Daniel!) deserves a thoughtful gift for their kitchen. With that in mind, I went looking for a few extra-special gifts that should satisfy even your family and friends who may or may not be recipe developers.

A Decor Upgrade

Obviously, your giftee spends a lot of time in the kitchen, and thus on their feet. To give their joints a break, treat them to a GelPro Floor Mat. With a 1/2-inch core of gel, it makes standing over a pot of risotto for an hour far more comfortable. For a bit of extra kitchen style, I highly recommend this gorgeous vinyl floor mat. I have one myself and people are always shocked when they realize it's not fancy tile. What's more, it's lightweight, so you can move it around your kitchen if you need to, and it's also very easy to clean.

Better Ingredients

So maybe your giftee really does have all the equipment they could ever need. In that case, we recommend buying them some delicious specialty ingredients? How about Stella's favorite Dutch-process cocoa powder, which will make every brownie and cup of hot chocolate taste luxuriously rich? Or perhaps Sasha's favorite 'nduja, a spicy, spreadable salami that he adds to just about everything. We have all sorts of pantry guides you can explore, whether you want to help your giftee discover international ingredients or perfect their baking.

Perfect Waffles

Just a few months ago, we tested a wide array of waffle makers, both Belgian- and American-style. It was a laborious and difficult task tasting all the waffles, but we were able to find the two very best machines on the market. For perfectly crisp and chewy Belgian waffles with extra-deep divots (for maximum syrup and butter), the All-Clad bested the competition. But if you're more into the thinner, American-style variety, the Breville is for you, with a built-in drip tray and nonstick surface for easy cleanup.

A Clean House

Simply put, having a Dyson vacuum makes cleaning fun. Ask any Dyson owner and you'll see the glimmer in their eyes as they describe the sheer joy that comes with sucking away dust bunnies, cookie crumbs, excess flour—anything that could possibly come in the way of a clean home. While Dyson vacuums are typically very pricey, this handheld model offers that superior technology in an apartment-friendly size.

Pizza Anywhere

If the person you're buying a gift for has a kitchen that's already overflowing with tools and equipment, try getting them something they can use elsewhere. Like this amazing portable pizza oven. Stick it in the trunk and bring it to the park for a Neopolitan-style picnic. It can heat to 930°F in just 10 minutes, which means they'll be producing gorgeous, chewy, crusty dough with bubbling cheese and just-singed sauce in no time.

Fish Scaler

I recognize that a lot of the gifts on this list are pretty pricey. Just because they have everything, doesn't mean you need to shell out for big stuff. Enter this beautiful fish scaler, which will make freshly caught fish a breeze to prepare. It's perfect for a variety of fish, from little porgy to large fluke. Plus, its design reduces gross scale spray, which unfortunately, a Dyson will not be able to clean (although it will certainly clean up dry scales!).

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