Editor's Picks: Our 22 Favorite Gift-Worthy Items of 2022

Great presents for any home cook on your list, according to the Serious Eats team.

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cast iron pan pizza

Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

Finding an ideal gift is tough! What do you give the home cook who already has a well-stocked kitchen? The friend who drinks coffee at a mildly concerning rate? The at-home bartender? Well, that's where we come in!

The Serious Eats editors are here with their picks for gadgets and gear that would make great presents for any home cook on your list. Whether it's a donabe, a new balloon whisk, a box of cheese, or stackable wine glasses, here are 22 of our favorite gift-worthy items, according to our editors.

  • Cody Foster Vintage-Inspired Food Ornaments

    Food52 Vintage-Inspired Food Ornaments

    a tin of sardines ornament

    My dog is named Fish and, thus, I need anything fish-related—including this sardine tin ornament. It's adorable—and very gift-worthy. The "extra-smelly" on the tin (which also describes my dog) sells me on it. The anchovies, caviar, deviled egg, and beer ornaments are also particularly cute. Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm, Commerce Editor

  • OXO 4-Piece Mini POP Container Set

    OXO 4-Piece Mini POP Container Set

    OXO 4-Piece Mini POP Container Set


    OK, it's not exactly the sexiest of gifts, but if anyone got me a set (or three) of these, I'd be thrilled. They're perfect for miscellaneous dried pastas, candies, and spices, among 3183218093 other things. Pop whatever you're looking to store in at peak freshness and feel free to forget about it until practically whenever; you'll come back to an identical product. - Tess Koman, Senior Editorial Director

  • Donabe

    Toiro Kitchen Double-Lid Donabe Rice Cooker

    Donabe: Classic and Modern Japanese Clay Pot Cooking

    I could think of a million possible kitchen gifts, but this is one that I have both received and gifted, and in both cases it has been a phenomenal success. I first received this donabe from my wife about four or five years ago, along with the cookbook by Naoko Takei Moore, who owns Toiro, the shop that sells this and other beautiful donabe. It led to some of the most fun I've had cooking at home in recent years—the recipes are varied and delicious, each better than the next. Even the plain rice, while not as hands-off as what comes out of an electric rice cooker, is consistently some of the best I've ever made. I eventually paid it forward, buying the very same donabe for my best friend, an avid home cook and lover of Japanese food (a shared passion dating back to our high school years in the early 90s when he and I would run to Sapporo, at the time one of the only ramen restaurants in New York City, for a steaming bowl and some gyoza). I made sure to give him the cookbook along with it, and he got so into it he bought two more donabe in different styles to round out his collection. It's not an inexpensive gift, but it's a meaningful one that will earn its keep for years to come. Daniel Gritzer, Senior Culinary Director

  • OXO Good Grips Mini Angled Measuring Cup

    OXO Mini Angled Measuring Cup

    OXO Good Grips Mini Angled Measuring Cup


    The OXO mini angled measuring cup changed the way I make cocktails. Before, I’d always struggled to neatly pour ingredients into pretty (but decidedly not utilitarian) jiggers; my countertop would usually wind up sticky with simple syrup, liqueurs, and citrus juice on it. But once I got my hands on this little measuring cup (which has measurements in milliliters, ounces, tablespoons, and up to 1/4 cup) measuring and mixing drinks went from messy to marvelous. And while not all my friends are fixing Manhattans in their kitchen, the OXO is a great stocking stuffer because of its versatility: you can use it to measure any small quantity of liquid, be it olive oil, citrus juice, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, a 1/4-cup of red wine for deglazing…you name it, this little measuring cup can measure it. I’ll probably gift myself a few more of these, in addition to handing them out for the holidays! Grace Kelly, Associate Commerce Editor

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  • GIR Ultimate Whisk

    GIR Premium Stainless Steel Whisk

    GIR Ultimate Stainless Steel Whisk


    I scooped up a GIR whisk shortly after our balloon whisk review came out, and it has been life-changing! The handle is easy to grip, it cuts down on the amount of time I spend whisking, and it comes in an array of vivid hues (I'm particularly fond of the Barcelona color). Plus, it's the perfect size (and price) for a stocking stuffer for fellow cooks and bakers. Kristina Razon, Editor

    Whipped cream being mixed in a bowl

    Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

  • Williams Sonoma Double-Wall Glass Tall Coffee Mugs

    Williams Sonoma Double-Wall Glass Tall Coffee Mugs

    Double-Wall Glass Tall Coffee Mugs

    Williams Sonoma

    I couldn't tell you why exactly I became obsessed with these mugs over the past 2.5 years I've owned them, but they're delightful. Actually, I can tell you exactly why: They're (1) pretty, (2) gently bougie, and (3) unusual enough that coworkers will continually try to guess what you're drinking each time you break one out during a Zoom meeting. The answer is always "coffee," of course, but it's still a fun game to play. – Tess

  • Jasper Hill Cheese Club

    Jasper Hill Farm Cheese Club

    Jasper Hill Farm Cheese Club

    Jasper Hill Farm

    As someone who lives in Massachusetts, I'm a big fan of New England everything—including the phenomenal Jasper Hill cheese (located in Vermont). If you know someone who loves cheese, give them a cheese club box (or two!). For $115, you get at least three cheeses "along with our favorite pairings, cheese tools, or other sweet merchandise," Jasper Hill's website says. When I got a box last year, mine included a Barr Hill-branded (another incredible Vermont-based company—try their gin) Cocktail Kingdom jigger, honey, and some more goodies in addition to an abundant amount of cheese. Jasper Hill also has some other great gift sets, or you could just buy a cheese stocking stuffer. — Riddley

  • Moleskine Recipe Journal

    Moleskine Passion Journals: Recipes

    red recipe journal


    I am a huge proponent of personal archives, whether it's a journal, a folder of screenshots on your phone, or a jewelry box full of ticket stubs. For my own records, I swear by all products Moleskine makes (I've bought a yearly planner from them every year for the last 10 years.) When I discovered they made specialty planners a few years ago, they instantly became my favorite present for birthdays or holidays. The Moleskine Passion Journal: Recipes is my go-to gift for friends who love to cook at home and want to start documenting their most successful dishes. The hard cover gives an understated importance to the book, and the pages are designed with useful sections like cook-time, prep-time, and even a little blank 5-star rating for you to fill out. Amanda Suarez, Senior Visual Editor

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  • Challenger Bread Pan

    Challenger Breadware The Challenger Bread Pan

    Challenger Bread Pan

    Challenger Breadware

    This is the ultimate gift for bread bakers. Thanks to Challenger Breadware's Bread Pan, I no longer have to flop my loaves of bread into hot Dutch ovens and risk burning myself. This hefty cast-iron bread oven has been a gamechanger for me and my loaves, and I'm confident my bread-baking friends will feel the same way. Genevieve Yam, Culinary Editor

  • Qinline Reusable Food Storage Bags

    Qinline Reusable Food Storage Bags

    Reusable Food Storage Bags


    This is definitely more of a practical gift rather than something that leaves a twinkle in their eyes, but these bags are a great way to spread the sustainable cheer. Since I’ve bought them, I’ve significantly cut down on my use of plastic Ziploc bags—which is both good for the environment and my wallet. The different sizes are great for storing a variety of food, whether it’s half an onion leftover from cooking or a meaty sandwich you’re packing for lunch. They’re also freezer-safe and super easy to clean—just wash them with a sponge and let them air dry. It’s a simple gift with a big impact all around. – Yasmine Maggio, Assistant Editor

  • Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

    Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

    Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer, 10.25 long, Yellow


    I've never hated a cooking tool quite the way I disliked our old lemon squeezer. That all changed when we switched over to the Chef'n FreshForce lemon juicer. Its elongated handle makes it easy to apply pressure to the halved citrus, and it's the perfect size for large or small lemons (it can also accommodate limes and smaller oranges). Even better, the juice actually does travel through the drainage holes built into the squeezer, as opposed to shooting directly into your eyes or all over your counter. Jacob Dean, Updates Editor

    Juice being squeeze from a lemon into a small metal measuring cup.

    Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

  • Lark Handmade Porcelain State Platter

    Pottery Barn Lark Handmade Porcelain State Platter

    Lark Handmade Platter

    Pottery Barn

    I've gotten one of these for three stupidly-difficult-to-shop-for friends whose only common threads are loving food and thinking merely being from their respective states is a personality trait and...it's been a gigantic and super fun hit each time. No matter the state, the platter is easy to grip and provides much more surface area for food than you'd think. To be clear, if they ever debuted a New Jersey version, I'd buy the whole stock. – Tess

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  • Bormioli Rocco Stackable Bodega Glasses

    Bormioli Rocco Bodega Mini 7.5-Ounce Glass Tumbler - Set of 12

    Bormioli Rocco Stackable Bodega Glasses (Set of 12)


    I have lots of friends who, like me, suffer from a lack of cabinet-space. Enter these cute, stackable Bodega glasses (found at trendy, we-make-our-pasta-from-scratch-and-serve-organic-wine restaurants everywhere). While nice to look at, they’re also functional; they stack nicely together without fear of topping over, and can be used for drinking a spot of wine, a digestif (if you’re into that), lowball drinks, or even just water. And at around $34 for a set of 12, they won’t eat too much into your holiday gift-budget. – Grace

  • Lodge Pre-Seasoned 10.25-Inch Skillet

    Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron

    Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet


    This is my go-to, default gift for most things—be it a housewarming or holiday. A great cast iron skillet is really the gift that keeps on giving for, literally, years and years. Shallow-frying, pan-roasting, making skillet cornbread: It can do that, that, that, and more. Plus, this skillet's just $20. You really can't go wrong for the price. – Riddley

    Searing short rib steaks in a cast iron skillet. Just about every skillet, when preheated throughly, managed to put a great sear on both sides of the meat.

    Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik

  • Solo Stove Bonfire Pit

    Solo Stove 19.5-Inch Bonfire Fire Pit

    Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit


    This isn't technically kitchen-related (though you can buy the grill hub, which we tested and did like), but the Solo Stove is worth all of the hype. I got one about six months ago and have been super impressed by its portability, handy carrying case, ease, relative smokeless-ness, and heat retention. Truly, fires last in the Solo Stove for a very long time thanks to its double walled construction and bottom vents. In fact, I brought my Solo Stove to a family camping trip and not one but two relatives purchased them after seeing mine in action. — Riddley

  • Campbell's Dough Knife

    Rack Master Campbell’s Dough Knife

    black bench scraper

    I've been deep into sourdough baking for a few years now, and the Campbell's Dough Knife is the one tool in my kitchen that's irreplaceable. Unlike other bench scrapers, this version is made from a single piece of steel that's stamped and curled to form a handle, eliminating any corners where dough might get stuck to a wooden or rubber attached grip. It's also tall and wide, making it easier to divide, transfer, and pre-shape large dough balls with ease. Its single beveled edge makes it easy to scrape flush to a counter, and its non-stick coating helps dough release easily from its surface, preventing disastrous sticking from ruining your shaped dough. I usually find that there are a few good options for other bread tools, but this dough knife is the only one I ever want to use. Jesse Raub, Commerce Writer

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  • MiiR Tumbler

    Miir Tumbler

    white tumbler


    Everyone should have one piece of trusty drinkware that keeps their beverages at the right temperature. For me, it's my Miir 12-ounce tumbler. I use it so much that it's basically an extension of my arm at this point, like my favorite chef's knife or whisk. It keeps my coffee hot for hours, has a handy slide lid, and fits cupholders comfortably. And, it's shatterproof; I recently put my full tumbler on the top of my car and drove away with it still on there. When I came back hours later, I found it intact and stratch-free on the side of the road. — Kristina

  • Sipsmith Gin

    We love Sipsmith, a London-based gin distiller which, in 2008, helped to usher in a new era of London micro-distilling by successfully petitioning the UK government to allow stills under 1800 liters (at the time theirs was only 300 liters). While their "Lemon Drizzle" gin is now a household standard, this past year they sent me a bottle of Strawberry Smash, made from strawberries grown for the Covid-canceled 2020 Wimbledon tennis championships. We were blown away by the fragrance and natural sweetness, and while we love everything of theirs we've tried, that particular expression is what we recommend to our friends and family. — Jacob

  • Manual Amber Mugs

    Manual Mugs - Amber

    two amber mugs stacked on top of each other

    As much as I advocate for high-end coffee brewing equipment, drinking vessels can also affect how your coffee tastes. Most ceramic mugs are too big and have a thick, clumsy lip, making it difficult to nearly sip the coffee at the correct temperature. It can be difficult to taste coffee's sweetness at high temps, and if coffee cools down, a chemical reaction occurs which makes it more sour and bitter. These mugs hold around 9 to 10 ounces comfortably, and have a thin lip that allows you to take in aroma with each sip. Because they're made of borosilicate glass (which does not have a high thermal stability), the coffee cools to drinking temperature quickly without going cold. They're my go-to mugs for everyday coffee drinking, and great example of how a simple design can greatly impact your sensory experience. — Jesse

  • La Chamba Rounded Soup Pot

    I'm a big fan of thrift stores and one of my greatest finds has been a moldy, mis-used La Chamba soup pot. After getting it home and scrubbing it out it quickly became my go-to pot for cooking dried beans, but it's perfect for all kinds of soups and stews as well. The distinctive black color is also completely natural, making this Colombian pot one of the most eye-grabbing pieces of cookware we own. — Jacob

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  • Zulay Dough Whisk

    Tovolo Stainless Steel Dough Whisk, 12 Inch

    stainless steel dough whik

    Without a full-size stand mixer, the only way to mix large batches of bread dough is by hand. Since I bake eight sourdough loaves a week, I'd be lost without my dough whisk. With its stiff, open loops, it brings flour and water together quickly into a pliable dough keeping my hands and counter from getting messy. I really appreciate the unibody stainless construction of this model from Tovolo: it's fully sealed off where the loops meet the handle, so there are no cracks or creases where dough can accumulate and crust over. It's also great for cleaning off old, dried-on dough if I leave it dirty in the sink for too long: I can just drop the head into a pot of hot water without worrying that a wooden handle might warp. It's a useful, sturdy tool for any baker. — Jesse

  • Enlightenment Wines Mead Holiday Sampler

    Enlightenment Wines Mead Holiday Sampler

    four bottles of mead on a wooden surface

    A few years ago, a good friend gifted me a sample set from Enlightenment Wines mead for my birthday and I've been a huge fan of their small batch meads ever since. These honey-based wines are delicious, dry, and the perfect gift for your friends who love to venture into interesting wines. The bottles are also beautifully designed, often with stunning silk-screened labels, and double as great conversation starters at dinner parties. My favorite bottle to see in my Enlightenment Wines CSA box is their 2021 Memento Mori Dandelion Wine, which is slightly sweet and smooth served over ice. — Amanda