Get 20% Off the ThermoWorks Smoke BBQ Thermometer

Precise and reliable, the ThermoWorks Smoke thermometer makes a great gift for Dad or for yourself.


We've been fans of the ThermoWorks Smoke BBQ Thermometer ever since it came on the market. It's one of our favorite leave-in probe thermometers because it's useful both indoors and out, and it comes complete with a wireless radio receiver that you can carry up to 300 feet away. It also has two probes, so it can easily track the temperature inside a roast and the temperature in your oven or smoker.

The importance of using a thermometer to check for doneness—and using it correctly—is a topic we've written about ad nauseam, because there really is no other way to know whether your meat is properly cooked. (The "poke test" isn't gonna do it, FYI.)

The ability to accurately monitor the temperature of what you're cooking can mean the difference between a steak that's nicely rosy inside and one that’s overcooked and gray in the middle. ThermoWorks' Smoke makes it easy to constantly monitor smoked and slow-roasted items, so you'll never have to worry about your expensive investment of meat (and time!) going to waste.

This thermometer usually sells for $99, but from today through June 12 at midnight Eastern time, you can get yourself a Smoke for only $79.20. Whether you're an avid griller, barbecue enthusiast, or are just looking for a great Father's Day gift, the Smoke will serve you well.

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