George Motz's Guess-the-Burger Contest

UPDATE: We have a winnah! George says,"JT got it, nice job! It's a Thurman Burger from the Thurman Cafe in Columbus, Ohio. Half-pound burger of fresh beef, lettuce, tomato, mayo, grilled onion, and underneath that veil of ham and cheese are jalepeños and mushrooms. It actually tastes great.,

JT: You can send me your address and T-shirt size, and I'll pass it along to George for prize fulfillment:

Photograph by George Motz

I just got this email from AHT brother in burgerdom George "Hamburger America" Motz:

I loved Josh's attempt to stump us with his "Mystery Burger." Well, I've got one of my own, if you're interested in posting it. I'm finally releasing one photo from my upcoming book. I'm letting this one go just because I can't believe what this thing looks like. It's easily more than 7 inches tall, super-tasty, and contains more than a pound of meat. I'll give away a Hamburger America T-shirt [right] to the first person who can name the burger...

So, a new contest is afoot. Leave your guesses in the comments of this post, and George will check in periodically to see if someone has won. To sweeten the pot, I'll throw in a copy of Mr. Motz's burger biopic, Hamburger America.

UPDATE: It's the Thurman Cafe, in Columbus, Ohio.

Address: 183 Thurman Avenue, Columbus OH 43206
Phone: 614-443-1570