General Mills' Space Jam: A New Legacy Cereal, Reviewed

What is a cereal without flavor?

Box of Space Jam: A New Legacy-themed Cereal on a kitchen counter

Jamelle Bouie


Cereal Eats: Space Jam Cereal, Reviewed

Space Jam: A New Legacy is not good. Compared to its predecessor, which is at least watchable, it has worse writing, worse acting, and worse visuals. It's a pure I.P. grab, a cynical product of studio plotting that's even more cynical than most modern Hollywood blockbusters,

Naturally, a new Space Jam movie has a new Space Jam-themed cereal. And, like its namesake, the cereal is bad. However, it's not as bad, relatively speaking, as the movie.

The single biggest problem with this cereal is it doesn't taste like anything. The writing on the box says, “Berry With Marshmallows,” but there's no berry flavor—not even the generic berry flavor that you get in most breakfast cereals—and there are barely any marshmallows. The two bowls I poured for this video even looked gray and flavorless, more like mounds of nutrient pellets than food (to the extent that modern breakfast cereal can be considered, or expected to look like, food).

What’s fun about reviewing cereal is tasting unusual flavors and judging ambitious attempts to recreate the taste of various snacks and foods. It's a serious issue, then, when a cereal just doesn’t have a flavor, because it becomes impossible to ignore what you're actually eating: Industrial corn, sweetened with industrial corn syrup and flavored with the products of some anonymous lab.

Verdict: 2 out of 5 spoons.