Galette des Rois from Ceci Cela


Our lady in Paris (at least half the time), Dorie Greenspan, posted on Serious Eats yesterday about the French seasonal cake galette de rois. Magically (well, not quite magically, in fact I ordered one) a galette des rois (pictured above) appeared on the Serious Eats doorstep yesterday from the SoHo French pastry shop Ceci Cela. I don't know if Ceci Cela's version is as good as one made from Dorie's recipe, but I can tell you that this is one delicious cake.

Dorie's description is right on: "The galette is really very simple—it’s an almond and pastry-cream filling sandwiched by two rounds of (all-butter) puff pastry dough—but so, so good."

I thought the almond part of the filling would make it taste marzipany, but in fact it was simply ground almonds.

Ed Levine diet watchers should note that I took two bites. Email the Serious Eaters for corroboration.

Ceci Cela Patisserie

55 Spring Street, New York NY 10012 (b/n Mulberry and Lafayette); 212-274-9179

166 Chambers Street, New York NY 10017 (b/n West Broadway and Greenwich); 212-566-8933