Frozen Pizza: Amy's Cheese and Pesto Pizza with Whole Wheat Crust


First, the good news. This pizza from Amy's beat last week's freezer-case choice by a mile. It came of the oven golden and bubbling, with nice bits of cheese that got crisp on the edge of the crust, sort of like an Asiago bagel.


The copious cheese was nicely stringy and creamy, and the pesto was surprisingly tasty, much better than most I've gotten jarred (though maybe not quite as good as the fresh stuff we make from our balcony plants). The pesto adds a much-needed dose of garlic and oil to each slice. There was a negligible amount of tomato sauce on the pie; definitely not as much as in the picture on the box, but we didn't miss it.


Now, about the crust. It's a little dense but still tender, with a wholesome whole-wheaty flavor. The bottom of the crust doesn't get quite crisp in the allotted cooking time. I'm not sure I'd extend it though, out of fear of charring the top.

This is a bready pie, but it tasted good. We ate the whole thing without hesitation. I would totally not feel bad leaving my kids (if I had kids) home on a Friday night with one of these.