17 Fried Chicken Recipes (Because One Is Not Enough)

From Southern-style fried chicken to to Japanese karaage, these are our favorite fried chicken recipes.

Vicky Wasik

Growing up, my fried chicken experience was mostly limited to the occasional trip to KFC. It wasn't until later that I realized just how crazy people get for the dish, arguing fiercely over the best recipes. At Serious Eats, we're equal-opportunity fried chicken lovers, and all we really want are two things: juicy meat and a crispy coating. Beyond that, you get into contested territory. Do you want a thick crust or a thin one? How heavily seasoned should the coating be? What about the oil?

I'm not here to pick sides, and fortunately, I think we have enough recipes to keep everyone happy. Craggy Southern-style fried chicken, boneless Japanese karaage, the ultimate fried chicken sandwiches, chicken and waffles with a Mexican twist, and more—find it all in this collection of 17 of our favorite fried chicken recipes.