Our food prep guides get down into the nitty-gritty of make-ahead storage, kitchen prep tasks, meal planning, and just how to get dinner onto the table in time.

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One hand holding the lid of a coffee container and the other holding the body of the container
Should You Be Storing Coffee in a Coffee Canister?
several food storage containers on a marble surface
We Tested 10 Food Storage Containers—These Are Our Favorites
a group of magnetic knife bars against white subway tile
We Tested 9 Magnetic Knife Holders to Find the Best, Most Secure Ones
reusable storage bags on a marble countertop
We Tested 9 Reusable Food Storage Bags—Two Were Our Favorites
two cambros stacked on top of one another
Why You Need Cambros in Your Kitchen
The winning food thermoses
We Tested 11 Food Thermoses to Find the Best Ones for Lunches, Camping, and More
compost bins
We Tested 16 Compost Bins to Find the Best Ones
a yellow YETI cooler filled with ice and drinks
We Tested 12 Coolers to Find the Best Ones for Parties, Beach Hangs, and Road Trips
Plastic box with layers of cleaned greens
An Organized Kitchen is Just a Plastic Shoe Box Away
Kitchen Storage and Organization Essentials That Keep Us Sane
a close up of a metro rack shelving unit filled with kitchen equipment from the Serious Eats test kitchen
Why Metro Racks Are the Best Kitchen Shelving
How to Seal Foods Airtight Without a Vacuum Sealer | The Food Lab
The Best Way to Store Your Knives
How to Clean Out Your Spice Cabinet and Organize It—for Good
How to Stock Your Wine Fridge
Ergonomics and How to Organize Your Home Bar
Kitchen Hack: Use a Guitar Mount to Store Your Pizza Peels
5 Ways to Organize Your Spice Rack
Overhead view of a cut avocado
How to Ripen and Store Avocados
Overhead view of a wok station
How to Set Up a Wok Cooking Station
a side angle view of Prik Gaeng Garee (Thai Yellow Curry Paste)
A Guide to Thai Curry Pastes
Dry-Brining Is the Best Way to Brine Meat, Poultry, and More
How to Clean, Trim, and Prepare Artichokes | Knife Skills
How to Clean and Store Fresh Produce
How to Buy, Prep, and Cut Green Beans
How to Prepare and Store Ginger
How to Set Up a Prep Station Like a Pro Cook
How to Wrap Your Sandwiches for Better Eating on the Go
How to Prepare Salt-Packed Anchovies
The Food Lab: How to Prepare Green Spring Produce
A Better Way to Skin Charred Peppers for Chilis, Soups, and Stews
The Best Way to Prevent Cut Apples From Browning
How to Cut Chicken Breasts Into Cutlets | Knife Skills
Measuring spoons, measuring cups and a kitchen scale.
The Best and Most Accurate Way to Measure Wet and Dry Ingredients for Baking
How to Trim a Whole Beef Tenderloin for Roasting
How to Dry-Age Duck at Home
Save Your Vegetable Scraps, Make Stock
Pacific Razor Clams: How to Catch, Clean, and Cook Them
How to Debone a Chicken Thigh | Knife Skills
The Right Way to Brine Turkey | The Food Lab
The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Buying, Prepping, Cooking, and Carving Your Holiday Turkey
Guajillo chilies
What to Do With Dried Chiles: Recipes, Cooking Techniques, and Shopping Tips
How to Blanch Almonds
person cracking eggs into bowl
How to Crack Eggs Like a Badass
A Japanese Poultry Knife Butchers Chicken With Ease
How to Clean Shiitake, Portobello, and Oyster Mushrooms | Knife Skills
How to Trim Pork Spareribs Into a St. Louis-Style Cut
How to Clean and Debeard Mussels
Make Your Own Just-Add-Hot-Water Instant Noodles (and Make Your Coworkers Jealous) | The Food Lab
How to Break Down a Chicken | Knife Skills
For the Crispiest Chicken (and Turkey) Skin, Grab the Baking Powder
The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Buying and Cooking Hams
How to Season and Maintain a Wooden Cutting Board
Peeling an apple with a Y-peeler
Why a Y-Peeler Is the Best Vegetable Peeler
The 4 Knife Cuts Every Cook Should Know | Knife Skills
How to Prepare Portobello Mushrooms | Knife Skills
Knife Skills: How to Cut a Whole Beef Strip Loin Into Steaks
How to Tie a Butcher's Knot