The Food Lab Video: Steak Lies and Cookie Secrets!


The final two episodes in the first season of The Food Lab Video Series are live, and they're the biggest, baddest, (and okay, sweetest) yet. In Cookie Secrets, my friend and co-host Katie Quinn and I explore the science of chocolate chip cookies. Learn how flour proteins are kinda like lego blocks and how an aquarium full of ping pong balls and easter eggs can help you understand how fructose, glucose, and water interact.

In Steak Lies, it's all meat all the time. Find out what really makes a difference when you're searing your steak, how salt interacts with meat, and why you shouldn't flip out over flipping your steak.

Check out the trailer and make sure and take a look at the previous episodes on Emulsions, Cheeseburgers, Boiling Water, and Roast Chicken.