The Food Lab Video Series is Here!


I'm beyond ecstatic to announce the launch of the Food Lab Video Series! Writing articles and taking photos sure is great, but there's nothing like live action to show you how fun, fascinating, and downright delicious the science behind home cooking can be. In each episode of the show, my intrepid co-host Katie Quinn and I explore basic scientific concepts in the kitchen, answering important questions like: What the heck is an emulsion and how will it make my life better? What's the best way to roast a chicken? What happens when you fling a hamburger at the wall at 45 M.P.H. and more importantly, why would you ever want to do that (besides the obvious)?

All this stuff isn't just interesting, but will actually help you to become a better cook. And we had a blast shooting it.

Our first two episodes, Emulsions and Cheeseburgers, are live and available for streaming right now.

But enough of my blathering on the page. This is a video series after all. Instead, you can watch me blather in LIVE ACTION! A huge thank you to all of our early supporters and Indiegogo backers. We couldn't have done it without you.

The Food Lab from Serious Eats on YouTube.